What to expect and how to prepare for your boudoir shoot?

The highest obstacle between you and your boudoir photoshoot is the act of booking the photoshoot. Once you overcome it, there might still be some questions. What happens after the booking? How to prepare yourself for something you have never done?

Getting ready

To exacerbate: the more you plan, vibe, and plan ahead, the more you are going to get out of it. Start by thinking about what you wish from your photos. How you want to be seen. Write down everything that comes to mind, let those be single words or phrases. You can use those words as keywords and find photos for example from Pinterest. Do those photos correspond to your wishes? Those words can also function as clues to find something new. Make notes. If you have booked me to be your boudoir photographer, this point is the perfect one to set up a Pinterest board where you collect photos that please your eye and share it with me. Visual references are a vital part of my process, but keep in mind that not all photographers want those.

Next step is to think about your own body image. How would you describe your relationship to your body? What body parts are those that you wish to highlight in photos? What body parts are those that generate insecurities? Make notes but remember to be gentle to yourself both in words and thoughts. Photoshoot is not for modifying or hiding anything but a place where you have the possibility to see yourself in a gentle and loving light just the way you are. 

Music and its meaning during photoshoot

If a photoshoot is done inside (studio, your apartment, hotel), music plays a great role. If you do not care that much about music, it is okay. Photoshoots can be done in silence, or we can pick some mellow tracks or nature sounds to play in the background. If you listen to music a lot in your everyday life and know that music has an influence on your mood, let’s harvest that to good use. Once you have decided how you want to be seen, you can start making a list of songs and performers that will support your good mood, bring up good memories or give courage to throw yourself into a photoshoot. If you wish that your playlist lasts through the photoshoot, make sure that it is at least two to three hours long. You can pick a ready playlist or stick to one performer’s discography, if the making of playlists is not your thing.

What to bring with?

For many of my clients choosing outfits for the photoshoot is the hardest part. You don’t have to renew your whole wardrobe or buy something that you otherwise would not buy or use never again. The main point is that you should look like yourself. So, if you wouldn’t wear a lace body in any possible situation, do not do it for this occasion even though it is rather common in boudoir photos. It is always a good idea to bring some extra outfits. Those can be underwear (take note: granny panties or boxers are just as good as lace panties), white blouse or dress shirt, knitted shirt, leather jacket or formal jacket, curtains from your gran’s house – whatever comes to mind. If you are not sure if some outfit is okay, take it with you anyway. Don’t leave it behind, because during the photoshoot unexpected things come handy.

In our studio, we have a small wardrobe of clothes for you to use, for example black and white lace morning gowns (made by Heili Bridal). If you wish to have some specific clothes or props for your photoshoot, ask us, we might have it. I haven’t made a comprehensive list of our loanable clothes and props yet, and sometimes we are ready to purchase new things, if your request is something that may interest our other clients. 

Other tips

Do not fast! Photoshoots are rather intense situations, and the experience will not be nice, if you start to feel exhausted or sick. Eat and drink well on the day of the photoshoot as well as the day before.

It is important to moisturize your skin properly every day for a week before the photoshoot. remember to do that also on the actual day even though you would not wear make-up or a professional takes care of your make-up. If you want to dye or remove any type of bodily hair, make it well in advance. Do not epilate or dye your hair dark on the morning of your photoshoot. Human skin is not airbrushed, so do not worry about rash, acne, or stress pimples. 

Do not pack in a hurry. Prepare and pack your bag a day before. In this way you have time to iron or repair clothes in good time, and double check that you have everything you need. 

Day of the photoshoot

It is okay to feel nervous before the photoshoot. I, for one, felt physically sick before our first couple’s photo shoot over a year ago – I almost cancelled it, but luckily, I did not. The second highest threshold after the actual booking of the photoshoot, is to come to the photoshoot and follow the plan you have made. I can assure you – everything goes well and the nervousness fades away.

Remember to wear loose clothes (including the underwear) before the photoshoot. Tight fitting clothes make marks to the skin. If you have chosen to be photographed at our home studio, we will provide you a private place where you can change your clothes in peace. 

Bring snacks and water – as mentioned above, being a photographer is hard work! You are allowed to have as many breaks as you wish during the photoshoot. If you use make-up, remember to pack powder and lipstick for touch-ups. 

Before we start shooting, we prefer to talk with you for a while. We make sure we all know the agreed rules and plan together what happens and which order. When everyone feels comfortable, we start the photoshoot. You don’t have to know anything in advance, we tell you what to do. We work in pairs and with us is also Tinksu, who helps you pose and be in front of the camera. They guide you through the photoshoot by verbally explaining what to do and – even better – showing you examples. You are not left alone. The photoshoot takes its own course, and we will be ready exactly at the moment when you feel ready. We do not set a strict time limit for boudoir photoshoots, but on average a photoshoot takes about two to three hours. 

After the photoshoot

After the photoshoot you have two options:

You can come back to the studio in a few days (tops a week) to see the proof photos and choose your favorite frames. This is a place where you can also order photo products (prints, albums etc). This is a perfect opportunity to come back to those feelings and mood you had during the photoshoot. It gives you a peaceful place to go through your photos. I will assist you through this process and answer your questions. If you wish to hear my opinion, I will gladly give it to you. I’ll make some coffee or tea and we can have a peaceful moment. This is also a perfect place to talk about all the feelings that occurred during and after the photoshoot. After this, it takes about a week, and you get your photos.

Another option is an internet gallery (link and password). You can look at the photos in the privacy of your own home and choose your favorites while sitting on your own couch. I’ll send detailed instructions on how to pick and mark your favorite photos. You have two weeks to choose your photos. Once I have received your favorite list, it takes a week, and you receive the final photos. If you live far away from our studio, we can organize a hybrid meeting where I will present the photos to you and you have time to choose your favorites. 

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