Safer space

We aim to make our space as safe as possible, for as many people as possible, but we understand that it’s not possible to create a space that’s 100% safe for everyone. I’m happy to get constructive criticism that helps us to make my policies safer for you.

I hope that you familiarise yourself with the instructions and try to follow them through our process, to make it nicer to everyone! 

Unfortunately our space is not physically accessible. You can find further information about our accessibility and autistic friendly instructions here. We will arrange an accessible place for our photoshoot without extra costs, just let us know your needs when you contact!

Instructions for safer space

No hate speech

In our space there is no room for racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, misogyny, body shaming or fatphobia, or any other form of discrimination. We don’t use language that is offensive against marginalised people. We do our best to tear down harmful stereotypes and structures.

Every body is a good body 

We believe that every body is valuable as it is. We hope that you give yourself and others peace in their body during our photoshoot. We don’t maintain diet culture by talking about dieting, weight or size. We don’t comment on your body or looks, but you are free to “feel” yours!

Don’t assume 

We don’t assume anyone’s gender, sexual and/or romantical orientation, background, class, ability, etc. If we need your personal information, we politely ask and respect the answer we get.

Respect everyone’s boundaries 

We respect everyone’s physical and emotional boundaries. We never touch without permission. We ask before we talk about subjects that might be heavy – if we don’t realise to ask and bring up a subject that you don’t feel comfortable discussing, please tell us! We never talk about stuff that we know to be uncomfortable for someone present.

Taking responsibility 

We are responsible for our own speech and actions and listen to the feedback we might get. We aim to have a constructive conversation and to give each other a possibility to grow and develop if needed. We can (and probably will) make mistakes but we need to be ready to hear criticism.