In boudoir photography I want to see and capture you the way you want to be seen. I am here to help you on your way to a kinder gaze towards yourself. During your shoot you will have a liberating experience of casually being the centre of attention in a safe and accepting environment. As a result I promise that you will get beautiful photos that are a permanent reminder of your power and capability. And most importantly: you will have so much fun creating them!

If you are here, if you are dreaming about it, you are ready. Nervousness is natural, but it’s also a force that makes your experience even more meaningful. The biggest step on the way is to actually book your shoot!


Step 1


Step 2

Planning & preparing

Step 3

Shoot day!

Step 4

The images


Step 1

Send me a message and tell me about your hopes and dreams! Who are you, how did you find me, what do you wish from your photoshoot? When would be the optimal time and where do you want us to shoot (you are welcome to our home studio in Turku, but it can also be anywhere else)? 


Note! You can find our accessibility information here. We have ramps for outdoor and the thresholds indoors, but the toilet space is tight. If you need a more accessible space, let me know and we’ll find one for our shoot with no extra charge.


I will get back to you within 24 hours, probably ask some more questions and propose few dates. When we set the date, I’ll send you a contract to sign, all the info you need for your next step and an invoice for the 200 € deposit. 

Planning & preparing

Step 2

I’ll send you a guide to help you prepare for your photoshoot. In addition to preparing tips, there will be some questions and a request for you to collect some visual references to guide our planning as well as a playlist for your shoot to set you in the right mood!


Planning is a big part of the process. You’ll get a perfect chance to reflect on your body image and  what you hope from the photoshoot. If you, for example,  have trauma triggers that we can take into account, let me know. The more you plan, the more you tell, the more precisely we can meet your needs! 

Shoot day!

Step 3

On your day, I will be holding the camera and my partner Tinksu will help you with everything else! We are here for you from the moment we meet to the moment you go home with a smile on your face. If you booked makeup and hair, we’ll spend the first hour chatting and getting to know each other a little better while you’re being prepared. Even if you come to our studio ready for the shoot, we’ll still sit down, chat a bit and discuss our common rules and wishes before we start. 


There’s no time limit for the photoshoot, but it usually takes approximately two hours – I ask you to schedule as much as you can (at least three hours) to avoid the hustle. During your shoot we will tell you what to do, you don’t have to know anything beforehand! We won’t force you in any precise poses but rather give you ideas and options by showing examples. We never touch you without consent or comment on your body in any way!

The images

Step 4

If you choose the full gallery beforehand, you’ll get your finalized 200+ images in a digital gallery within two weeks OR if you want to have an image reveal face to face with me at our studio, that’s a possibility too. After the image reveal we can check out some products (album, prints and wall art) and you can decide if you want to order some from your images.

If you choose a smaller package, you have two options: you can get an online gallery and instructions for selecting your photos and possible products via email within a week, or you can come to our studio, have a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of wine, find the same relaxed mood we had during your shoot, and go through your images for the first time together with me. In our meeting I will help you choose the photos and possible products that you will cherish forever.


Every package includes all the help you need with planning and preparing, a peaceful photoshoot without time limits and our client wardrobe with a few size inclusive clothes. Tinksu will help you find your own way to be in front of the camera and together we’ll create a unique experience that you will want to remember!


The deposit is 200 euros, after that you can pay the rest interest free in up to 12 parts.

All digital

Information PDF, includes guides for planning and getting ready for your shoot

Personal planning via email, all the help you need

Meeting beforehand: coffee face to face or a video call, let’s get to know each other a bit to ease the nerves! (voluntary)

A photoshoot day without a strict time limit – it usually takes 2-3 hours

200+ amazing and beautiful photos of you in a password protected web gallery

1000 €

With keepsakes

The experience described above


A meeting where I help with deciding your products (voluntary)

A professional fine art album from your favorite photos

Three 20×30 cm fine art prints of your absolute favorites

All of your digital files delivered on a flash drive

1500 €

Pay what you can

If I’m totally out of your budget but working with me would be a dream come true – please reach out! Right now I have resources to take a ”pay what you can” -client once in two months.

Spicy Studio Portraits

This is for you, if you are already a bit more at home in front of the camera, you wish for a smaller number of images with a smaller investment, or you prefer a clear studio set rather than a relaxed, home-like aesthetic.

What you get:

Instructional PDF with help and tips for planning and preparing for the session

Personal photography planning by e-mail

45-60 minutes session time

1 studio  background (pink, beige or dark blue)

Effects and different lighting according to your wishes

50+ great, beautiful pictures of you, delivered in a password-protected online gallery

450 €




boudoir-kuva studiossa


“Thank you so much! The photos are amazing and I may have started crying for a few of them because I’ve probably never seen myself as beautiful. I never thought that my “it could be fun to have boudoir photos of myself” would turn into this – I can’t stop scrolling them over and over, I just feel so good about myself and my body. I’m so grateful for both of you for creating a safe and casual environment that is lovely to get back to through the photos. <3”


“When I walked into your home studio, I felt calm and relaxed. As if I came to a friend’s home. I wasn’t even nervous during the photoshoot, I felt seen and accepted the whole time. You listened to me and guided me in the most natural way. The whole experience was earthmoving, and when I saw the results, I was flattered. Beauty in every shot, skilled work. Thank you for the experience that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. ”


“I first booked Sonja because I wanted something extra for my birthday photos for my 30th birthday. My expectations were quite high to begin with, because I knew their portfolio well and I tend to trust professionals. My favourite aesthetics are recognizable so I spent a lot of time planning the photoshoot. The photoshoot itself was casual, easygoing and safe from the very beginning and it made it possible for me to throw myself in 100 %. I was scared that it would be awkward or that I would feel unnatural, but every bit of nervousness vanished when I got in front of the camera. A talented director turns an amateur into an actor, and a talented photographer into a top model. I felt great right after the photoshoot, but still I was surprised when I saw the final images, because I hadn’t even dreamt about looking so good in them. I gladly recommend Sonja’s skilled, humane and kind approach to anyone who is looking for an amazing photographer.”


Are you ready to book or do you have questions? Contact me and let’s get started!


WhatsApp or text message: 0451477474

I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. If you don’t hear from me, check your trash and if needed, contact me again!

What to expect and how to prepare for your boudoir shoot?


Can I have a part payment plan?

Of course! After the retainer, you can pay in as many instalments as you need, starting with 25 € / month. There will be no interest, only a 2,5 euro fee per payment.

I’m not totally okay with my body, how do I know if I’m ready for this experience?

You don’t have to be totally okay with your body – I don’t think many of us are, ever! If you feel more excited than anxious when you think about coming to the photoshoot, I believe that you are. You know best!

I don’t relate to most of the boudoir photos I see and might want to do something completely different, is this the right genre for me?

Totally! You can use your words and visual references to explain to me what you want, and then we can figure out if I’m the right person for you to work with. I don’t do digital art and heavy photo manipulation, but otherwise I’m always excited to try new stuff! Boudoir (for me) is more about the feeling you get from it than the visual side!

I don’t own or like lace lingerie or fancy things like that!

You don’t have to! Basic cotton underwear are super common (I myself rarely use anything else), and you don’t have to be in your underwear at any point, if you don’t want to. We can work with a nice dress, a blouse, jeans, fabrics, fully naked or all of them, whatever feels right for you.

I would like to have lace and pretty things, but I don’t have use for them in my everyday life.

I have a few props and clothes readily available in inclusive sizing – especially the kind of pieces not everyone has in their everyday closet! The most popular ones are the black and white lace gowns made by the lovely Heili Bridal! If you’re longing for some specific kind of lingerie, bodysuit, stay up socks etc, just ask! We’re willing to expand our client closet with items that are not that useful but look good in the photos!

I’m not sure how boudoir supports my gender expression.

Both me and Tinksu are queer/agender, we’re familiar and comfortable with all kinds of gender expression during our shoot. Tinksu’s repertoire in posing and helping you to get comfortable in front of the camera is wide, they go fluently from ultra femme to really masculine, everything in between and lots outside the binary! Boudoir is for everyone, no matter your gender and the ways you want to express yourself

What if I need to reschedule our shoot?

That’s totally fine. Just let me know as early as you can!

What if I don't want you to post my pictures on your social media?

It’s totally up to you to decide, I will ask about it after you’ve seen your photos! Getting new client work for my portfolio and socials is crucial, but it’s not your responsibility to provide me any, if you don’t feel comfortable with it.