Heini & Ina


Photoshoot adventure from railways to the coasts of Eira

In the best case scenario, a laid back couple’s photoshoot serves also as a perfect date. I think that’s what happened here!

Heini and Ina asked if I knew any “photoshoot safe” railways in Helsinki. I didn’t, but with some help from lovely colleagues, we found this amazing place from Vantaa! We had agreed to have two locations, one with the railways and one with city atmosphere, coast and preferably some flowers.

Heini and Ina needed no “warming up”, every shot from the very beginning was relaxed and fun, as were they. Thus we had some extra time in our hands, and decided to drive to the Rhododendron Park in Haaga before continuing to Eira, where I had scouted some spots earlier that day.

I’ve noticed that the best photos come when I feel like I’m hanging around with friends, and that’s what this felt like!